Sunday, July 10, 2011

I agree with Dawn newspaper - Murdoch is a giant squid

Dawn says "Rupert Murdoch has been widely viewed by journalists as a giant squid sitting on the face of the media, starving it of oxygen. ... For years, politicians have sucked up to him, seeking his support. Tony Blair was particularly shameless in currying favour with Murdoch. Cameron, too, sought his blessings before the general elections. No politician dared take the risk of crossing him for fear that News International would turn its powerful guns on him or her.

Such inordinate power was often seen to be dangerous in a democracy, but few challenged the mighty Murdoch empire."

IMO: NoW was part of UK tradition and history which Murdoch destroyed to make a few dollars by sacking some employees during a depression.

"But meanwhile, here`s to the Guardian and its team who have made this moment of schadenfreude so delectable."

IMO: Indeed. And the Independent recently pointed out that Murdoch had lied to the Prime Minister about Coulson. I wonder, too, whether the most recent revisions of the Theft Act still include 'recklessness' as a form of fraud. I would have thought that lying to the Prime Minister could come under that category in such a serious and sensitive case.

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