Sunday, July 03, 2011

French arming of Libya's rebels

The French military are presenting their decision to parachute in weaponry to the Libyan rebels in the western Nafusa mountains as a response to a specific local situation. Civilians, they say, were encircled by government forces who refused to allow the opening up of an aid corridor to reach them.

A French military spokesman says weapons including assault rifles, machine guns and rocket launchers were air-dropped earlier this month. A report in today's Le Figaro newspaper suggests that Milan anti-tank missiles may also have been included.

IMO: The middle East is completely saturated with weapons and if the Arabs want to help the rebels with the weapons they repeatedly request, it could very easily be done by them, never mind the English or the French. However it seems that in this case civilians were encircled. In short the French action may well have considerably reduced overall bloodshed if Western reports are to be believed.

IMO: I'm glad India is not involved, the 'middle east' etc etc are at war all the time for one reason or another, and sometimes seemingly for no reason at all. The current Danziger cartoon shows an enormous grossly fat Chinaman unable to fit in a bath which seems to be someone else's, with reference to the south China sea and I suppose we have to be thankful that the Chinese have largely not tried to 'help' in Libya.

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