Monday, July 11, 2011

David Cameron's plans already killing elderly

Vulnerable pensioners could die as a result of the disastrous Southern Cross care home collapse, an MP claimed yesterday. Labour’s John Mann called on the ­Government to bail out the crippled firm in the same way the banks were in a bid to protect the 31,000 residents who face losing a roof over their heads and the 44,000 staff heading for the dole queue.

Southern Cross yesterday announced plans to shut after the landlords of its 752 properties abandoned the company.

IMO: My own knowledge of the care homes business makes it plain that old people will die if forced to move around like this. And inspection has shown to me that many privately run care homes are deliberately run in a 'cowboy' fashion with a sole interest in maximising profits. The old people there are simply figures in the balance sheet in the eyes of the owners. So often I have seen this.

David Cameron’s plans to sell off Britain’s public services are an all-out attack on the welfare state, Downing Street insiders yesterday admitted. It came as the PM announced that companies and charities will be offered the chance to run everything from schools and hospitals to street cleaning and elderly care. Only the armed forces, the police and the judiciary will escape the proposed shake-up. A No10 source said the plans were designed to rip apart state control of public services and added: “Yes, it could be seen as tearing up the welfare state.”

IMO: And the Southern Cross episode, like so many others, shows us where this will lead. Cameron is the UK's Ratko Mladic, without the brains or stamina of that mass-murderer. Like so many UK politicians Cameron has already shown himself to be little more than a puppet of the near-senile Rupert Murdoch. Cameron claims to have believed the lies of Murdoch, a man now even condemned by bankers, simply to win power, money, and corrupt influence for himself.

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