Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chinese failures and the US - Dumb and Dumber

Chinese officials say a design flaw and human error combined to cause the nation's deadliest train accident since 2008.

State media Thursday quoted railway officials saying a severe flaw in the design of signaling equipment prevented a green light from turning to red after a lightning strike halted a train on a high-speed line south of Shanghai. That caused a second train to smash into the rear of the first, toppling several carriages off of a bridge.

The officials also said dispatchers at a station in Wenzhou should have intervened manually after the Chinese-made signaling equipment failed. The accident killed 39 people and injured almost 200.

Internet users exploded in outrage when it was revealed that authorities had buried some of the wreckage at the scene of the crash, rather than removing it for examination

A day after China confirmed it was refitting an old Soviet vessel, and sources told Reuters it was building two of its own carriers, the official Liberation Army Daily stressed the mix of patriotic glory-seeking and future security worries behind the decision.

China's humiliations at the hands of Western powers in the past centuries "left the Chinese people with the deep pain of having seas they could not defend, helplessly eating the bitter fruit of being beaten for being backward," said a front-page editorial in the paper.

IMO: Hmm, and we thought AQ Khan was a worry. But maybe the US Tea Party will deal with the matter. When they lose the war with China, doubtless making California a province of China will not seem so much in war reparations. Dumb and Dumber. And Cable, presumably still a Clegg supporter, says they are nutters.

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