Friday, July 08, 2011

Cameron says Murdoch should have accepted Brooks resignation

Cameron said there will be judicial inquiries into the phone hacking scandal and another inquiry into why the original police investigation of it in 2006 failed.  Cameron did not announce any further delay to Rupert Murdoch’s proposed £8.3bn bid to take full control of British Sky Broadcasting, but said it would take time because of the number of responses to a public consultation.

IMO: Hardly necessary to point out the number of recent major 'judicial enquiries' in the UK which have been simply a whitewash. June 24th 'Tom the Dancing Bug' on 'Judge Scalia' more or less sums it up, you have to laugh. And Rupert's activities have been a joke since he started buying Sydney dailies, many years ago. Rupert's made big losses on the internet, MySpace alone cost him an estimated $1.3 billion and his other attempts are not good. Even in China, still run by a communist dictatorship who even today hardly admit their quilt for the deliberate killing of 35 million people during their so-called 'great leap forward' and more current items like their recent attepted refusal to acknowledge to their own people the Conoco-Philips oil spill, far worse than the New Orleans spill, will probably hardly cover for his latest RW (Rupert/Wendi) investments  $200 million public offering with regard toXunlei. 126 lawsuits were filed against Xunlei in China, and Rupert certainly will not get around them all, even in a dictatorship. The only question is perhaps - Is the UK by now even more corrupt than the Communist dictatorship in China.

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