Saturday, July 23, 2011

Britain may be able to break from Europe and probably should

The only long-term solution for European debts — other than an extremely messy break-up of the euro — is for the Eurozone countries to integrate much more closely and become, in all but name, a United States of Eurozone (USE). The Germans and French will need to amend existing EU treaties to make their new arrangements work. And the crucial point is that Britain will have the power of veto over any changes, as well as a new law requiring new EU treaties to be put to a referendum in the UK.

This means we can demand the return of powers back from the EU — if ministers push hard enough. But the Lib Dem leader made it clear he will block any serious treaty renegotiation.

IMO: I have often expressed my views on Europe. Somehow Clegg's corruption, folly, and denial of support to his own party has almost broken up the Libdems. Now the fool may break up the country. His own party and the Tories should perhaps ensure that the UK is allowed to continue to exist. Clegg has been no use to anyone.He should be removed and Cameron obliged to stick to his policies on Europe, or he should go too.

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