Sunday, July 31, 2011

Average IQ of IE users is only 82 !

Seems the average IQ of Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers, measured from actual 2011 IQ tests, is only 82 !

That IQ is not totally moronic, but such people are termed "dull" and if they get as far as going to college, they will find it tough going if not impossible.

But that is an average, on those results presumably many Explorer users must be moronic.

On the same tests, Firefox and Chrome users came out as "above normal" and Opera users as "brilliant".

IMO: Joking aside - and I normally use Firefox - my first thought was: "Whoever has paid for this survey, it doesn't sound like it was Microsoft". I have not noticed a lot of difference in browsers and of course have used very many. Overall people sometimes wonder why so much fuss is made about Rupert Murdoch - and whilst this survey probably has nothing to do with him, you can see how seriously people who read these things view this browser matter. Kids especially may worry. And IE users may be annoyed. The point is that Murdoch has been effectively using such p.r. tricks - if that is indeed what the IE publicity is here - for years to promote such things as the Tea Party. The Tea Party were started by the same groups that started the John Birch society, not by a well meaning general public. And the Tea Parties methods are bad for the US and probably for the world. The Tea Party is not people, it is Rupert Murdoch and the Murdochs should probably be jailed as a threat to democracy, just like Al Quaeda - though maybe Elizabeth Murdoch could be spared as she sponsored Obama, though media companies often support both sides anyway

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