Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Spratleys

For many years I have pointed out the importance of the Spratleys to the Phillipines.

As usual current news reports from China suggests that China is behaving in a correct way in the area, which seems shamefully far from the truth.

Now consider China's offer to "help" the EU, with particular reference to Greece. It has frequently been pointed out that if Greece "defaults" to some dodgy German banker then that is one thing. But to default to a major country like China, directly or indirectly, is another. In this context, we could soon see all the Greek women being used as "comfort women" in an offshore Chinese casino in Laos, and all the men being used to do 24-hour "World of Warcaft" work as 'gastarbeiters' in some Chinese hell hole. Then Greece would be peopled with out of work Chinamen who could live the life of Riley.

Now Bloomberg reports "Greek Police Fire Tear Gas as Strike Overshadows Budget Vote". I can understand why.    

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