Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spectator reader's comment on Law's 7 day suspension.

"As the Daily Telegraph reports have made abundantly clear, Laws systematically lied and misled in order to gain a pecuniary advantage - as he has been forced to admit. The man should be in the dock - not in the Cabinet, and if Cameron is foolish enough to bring him back he will merely add to the complete contempt in which these chiselling little cheats are rightly held by the public whose pockets have been picked"

IMO: It is a pity that UK politics has reached such a low level. As I have frequently pointed out in this blog, Cameron himself is far from 'innocent'. And the AV referendum, which looks like it should have had a strong "yes" vote, in fact had a strong "no" vote. I would suggest that it is easy to deduce that the Brits are scared of any change in the voting system, because they fear that it will allow even more leeway to the crooks and touts in all major parties. To a certain extent this must be true, but by and large the main reason for the big "no" vote may be given in the Liberalvision blog, which makes it plain that the 1% of the electorate who were really kept informed of the facts - the so-called 'Guardian readers' - just were too small a minority to voting results. As the article says "There is no purist Guardian editorial proposition that could ever come close to winning a referendum in the UK". And this fact itself, unfortunately hardly speaks well for the morale of the country. The UK is running into the same sort of problems the US Democrats have had for years. The Koch matter over Florida State University is just yet another example. Clearly, we can't back 'Joe Hill' forever, but Joe Hill's opponents seem to be giving the US and the UK little alternative, and the 'Guardianistas' seem to be as little use as you might expect.

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