Friday, May 20, 2011

The 'Rapture' may be coming: Religious People are Rapidly Vanishing From America

Wonkette presents some interesting statistics:

"Good news, atheists: The mythological “Rapture” appears to be happening, in America! But it’s happening very, very slowly: While the United States was 86% Christian less than two decades ago, in 1990, last year that percentage fell to 76%. And a full 15% of Americans now say they are not religious at all — nearly double the percentage of godless heathens since 1990. Socialist pagan Barack Obama plans to accelerate this trend by putting Rick Warren on national teevee at least once a a year, so that people having second thoughts about this whole religion thing will look at this fat turd and then quickly dump their bibles in the incinerator."

IMO: I do think that calling Warren a 'fat turd' is unfair as by US standards he does seem about of average size. Unfairness to turds ? Perhaps.

It seems that "Warren abhors gay marriage - as beyond the pale, in his view, as incest or polygamy - but he joined the campaign for "Proposition 8", which overturned California's gay marriage law on the day Obama won the presidency. And he is also a card-carrying creationist, arguing for good measure that if Darwin were right, surely natural selection would have weeded out homosexuality."

IMO: Gay marriage can seem an unreasonable idea to anyone, including atheists. I have blogged on this before. Creationism however, is unreasonable and unscientific for a variety of reasons, affecting theology very little overall. It is a surprise that Obama has chosen Warren. I believe Obama's mother in law is said to be a witch so presumably Obama knows little of science. One supposes - as Wonkette suggests - we will find pranks carried out on the religious people, such as the leaving of apparently abandoned clothing near churches. Presumably so that the churchgoers will believe that they are exempt from the values of the 'rapture'.

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