Sunday, May 08, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon suggested nothing had yet been unearthed that directly implicated the Pakistani authorities.

"I've not seen evidence that would tell us that the political, the military, or the intelligence leadership had foreknowledge of bin Laden," he told NBC's "Meet The Press" program.

Donilon described the data haul from the raid as the richest terrorism treasure trove ever collected.

"This is the largest cache of intelligence derived from the scene of any single terrorist," he said. "It's about the size, the CIA tells us, of a small college library."

IMO: Extraordinary ! So it is claimed, apparently, that Bin Laden's base and indeed his 'college library' for terror was right in the middle of Pakistan but unknown to either the CIA or to the ISI. In India it has been said that the head of the (Pakistan) ISI, Shuja Pasha, may have to resign over this. Whether Pasha really approved of bin Laden or not, this sounds like common sense. If he approved of OBL, he has been caught out and if he did not approve of OBL he sounds inefficient in that he did not locate him. But so far, mainly indignant sounds have been coming from Pakistan, and indeed from the Sufi Gilani, who really should not want Pakistan run by a mob of terrorists, particularly as his own drinking habits are even more abhorrent to the Taliban than they are to many teetotallers. As for the Americans, it really is a surprise that they did not know where Tim Osman (OBL) who was allegedly one of their own operatives, was. Orlin Grabbe gave the best account ot Tim that I have seen lately, consult Wikipedia on Tim Osman if you wish, some of it may be true. It verges on conspiracy theory to suggest that the CIA had kept bin Laden as a 'sleeper' so he could take over some cheap country like Yemen for them if times got tough. But the CIA are notoriously internally secretive. Anyway, let us hope the BJP claims for a pre-emptive strike against Pak - not by BJP, it has to be noted - easy to talk big if someone else will take the brunt - is not carried out but that some value is obtained from bin Laden's files.

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