Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judges and a dark day for open justice in the UK

Our unelected judiciary has created a back-door privacy law, the currrent judicial report seeks to absolve the courts of any blame for the fact that barely a week passes without a celebrity with a carefully-cultivated family image winning a secrecy order to hide his adulterous behaviour.

Lord Neuberger’s proposal to gag MPs and peers who wish to break an injunction in the Commons or the Lords is so disturbing that surely at least the MPs can act on that. Comparisons with Weimar are perhaps absurd, as the present UK system is by now so much worse.

IMO: So many UK judges have themselves been exposed by now as being senile corrupt old perverts that, whilst election is not good for the judiciary, at least most of those tall poppies should simply be sent to retirement homes, at their own expense. I'm not young myself, but it is hard to find grounds for respect for most of these fellows.

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