Saturday, May 21, 2011

Banerjee again

Explaining her philosophy on work, Banerjee said, “If one works well, one can set an example for everyone around. But most importantly, you need to understand your job well. Only then it can be implemented best.”

She added, “Political affiliations can delay work, to carry out work effectively there needs to be dedication and efficiency and most importantly good governance.” Banerjee also announced that all workers would be paid their salaries on time. She hinted at the inefficiency of the earlier Government and said it made no sense to blame employees for the state of things in West Bengal “as there has been no work culture for decades”.

The new Chief Minister added that for efficient and quick disposal of duties, it is very important to understand who is good at what job and then entrust the work to him.

IMO: If only the UK had such practices. In fact the first thing that occurred to me was that her philosophy is just about the opposite to present Tory & Libdem methods in the UK. You can see this just by looking through Vince Cable's statements, never mind Clegg.

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