Friday, May 13, 2011

AlFayed supported Diana film

"It's made from my point of view," said Keith Allen as he defended his film about Princess Diana's death, Unlawful Killing. "It's what the French call being an auteur."

The most arresting, and unintentionally comic, passage came at the end of the film, when Fayed was shown making a large but rather unsuccessful bonfire in his Surrey garden using the vast "by royal appointment" crests that once adorned the facade of Harrods. He is, confirmed his spokesman Conor Nolan, "delighted with the film".

It contains an interview in which psychologist Oliver James opines that Prince Philip is a "psychopath".

Unlawful Killing likens Prince Philip to serial killer Fred West and calls the Royals "gangsters in tiaras".

An inquest jury found that the Princess had been unlawfully killed by the grossly negligent driving of Henri Paul and those vehicles in pursuit. The film implies that 'following vehicles' were not necessarily the paparazzi.

IMO: All these people certainly seem to create headlines for each other. I have yet to discover that any of them have cultural value. The film is unlikely to be seen in the UK, but will doubtless present a somewhat marred image of the UK in the rest of the world. Maybe somebody should make a film of al Fayed and the rest of his friends, about their involvement with Egypt and with Mubarak.

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