Friday, April 22, 2011

Use of drones by US

Some Pakistani interlocutors, including a top army general (Maj. Gen Ghayur Mehmood) and an academic from the Fata region (Dr Farhat Taj), have endorsed the US view that the drones strikes are mainly killing militants, with very little collateral damage. Dr Taj, a researcher based in Oslo who goes frequently to her home turf, has in fact alleged that the Pakistani Army is in cahoots with the Taliban in the region while punishing anti-Taliban locals who in fact welcome drone strikes.

IMO: The use of drones in Pak and Libya sounds a good idea for reducing collateral damage. I would have thought that drones should overall improve strike capability, reduce civilian casualties and equally important IMO reduce casualties to US and other allies. Taliban do not seem to care nowadays about duping innocent people to fighting for them so it is all right for them if they kill off their own supporters, but this is not true for democratic armies or those who have to answer to their own troops.

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