Saturday, April 02, 2011

UN launches investigation into Afghanistan murders

The United Nations has launched an investigation into why Afghan police failed to stop a massacre of its staff by Muslims protesters who broke into its Mazar-i-Sharif compound on Friday

Eyewitnesses said armed Afghan riot police watched passively as a mob overran the compound.

Seven UN employees were killed, including four Gurkha guards and three international officials. One police chief said two of the victims had been beheaded, while other reports said some had had their throats slit with knives or been shot in the head.

The protests had been called over the burning of a Koran by a controversial American pastor in Florida last month, and violence related to the incident flared again yesterday when nine protesters were killed and 77 injured in clashes in Kandahar.

IMO: Some of these people may actually believe that the Koran is literally the word of God, and therefore should not be destroyed. This, of course, is not equivalent to the common Christian belief that the Bible is a witness to the certain religious events like the life of Christ. So Islamic extremists have quite a different gripe to Christian extremists. Some would say that all this is absurd and pathetic. Clearly a lot more should be done, but why should non involved foreigners be put to all the expense involved, and why should UN people die ? The world has much more serious views to deal with. At some point a heavy scorched earth policy to remove these worthless nincompoops may become the unavoidable chosen answer.

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