Friday, April 08, 2011

Norman Tebbit says: Don't let David Cameron destroy our NHS

It is not often the Daily Mirror and Mr. Tebbit find themselves on common ground but they are both staunch supporters of the principles of the NHS, whatever its difficulties and problems – some of them, I fear, of its own making.

NuLabour played fast and loose with the NHS, pouring money in but getting little back for it except hordes of “managers”, but fewer nurses beside beds.

When the NHS or the taxpayer (you and me) pays for NHS patients to be treated in private hospitals on anything more than a very small scale in special circumstances there are hidden costs to the taxpayer. Otherwise private hospitals would not do the work, overall. So many private hospitals do not even physically reach acceptable standards. I can think of one, immediately, which is simply a converted block of flats which cannot even take normal hospital trolleys.

With Cameron´s system, the NHS doesn’t even own the hospital for 30 years. Instead it pays rent for all that time and all maintenance has to be carried out by the PFI contractors who regularly rip off the NHS. One thing is sure – one is using and risking our money and the other is risking its own.

Tebbit indicates many more likely malpractices in addition to the comments above.

IMO: Cameron is not up to his job. He should be summarily dismissed by the public for that reason. Even the Egyptians got rid of Mubarak. But the problem is, what better person or persons are at hand. At the least Cameron should be nudged into improving the NHS or not messing it around in a worthless way perhaps partly because the private health suppliers funded his campaign to the tine of 700 million pounds. Labor ruined the banks, now the Tories will ruin the NHS. Do not let them ! Trafalgar Square protest tomorrow and there should be even much more done.

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