Saturday, April 09, 2011

News of the World - Criminal Behaviour

Rebekah Brooks is now in firing line as phone-hacking scandal refuses to go away

David Cameron and Brooks have homes near to each other in the Cotswolds and, according to McMullan, go horse riding together. "They're all mates together," McMullan explained. "Cameron is very much in debt to Rebekah … for helping him not quite win the election."

IMO: Perhaps they compare their moats and duckponds, if they have them. Both she and Cameron should be sacked for their behaviour. And Farrelly suggested Myler's position is untenable.

It also seems that Rupert Murdoch used his political influence and contacts at the highest levels to try to get Labour MPs and peers to back away from investigations into phone hacking at the News of the World, a former minister in Gordon Brown's government has told the Observer.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said it was important to establish who knew what about "criminal behaviour" – and when. "What we have seen is a serious admission of wrongdoing by News International," he said. "We have now got to get to the bottom of any criminal behaviour, which is a matter for the police. We need to know who knew about these actions and when. We also need to know how far across the organisation knowledge of these actions went."

Suggestions that Murdoch involved Tony Blair in a chain of phone calls that led to Brown have been denied by Blair. A spokesman for Blair said the claim was "categorically untrue", adding "no such calls ever took place".

IMO: It is probably true if secretive Roman Catholic Tony Blair denies it. And because of the high level of dissension - some might call it "democracy" - in the Labor party - the fact of the calls may be provable, presumably helping to jail poor old Rupert. As they say, if you cannot stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen.

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