Wednesday, April 06, 2011

China in Kashmir

China's presence in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) is "increasing steadily" and its troops are "actually present" along the Line-of-Control, a top Army commander said, adding the Chinese footprints are "too close for comfort" for India. Hostility between India and Pakistan would seemingly be the complicity of Chinese. China has already constructed roads connecting all its highways to logistic centres and major defence installations that dot the border with India and the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in south-eastern Jammu and Kashmir.

IMO: This is not in the interests of either India or Pakistan. No way will Pakistan be likely to benefit from all this, as effectively handing over part of its claimed territory to the completely foreign country of China will do it no good at all. Pakistan would be better to dismiss the Chinese from the area and obtain peace with India, by any means. India is a successful nation, certainly unlike Pakistan and nowadays even unlike China, which is beginning to realise the problems cuased by its alleged great leap forward. They would both be better off if they left India alone. India and the US are the two largest democracies in the world. Countries like Pakistan and China would do better to solve their own internal problems than to annoy successsful democracies, as such action could, and has in the past, basically be simple political opportunism by selfish and effectively self-appointed elites in both Pakistan and China. (But Pakistan is at least run by a Sufi at the moment, AFAIK, and that is better than nothing for reasons which are possibly self-evident to students of these matters). Pakistan and India would do better for themselves if they became actual democracies but in China's case this may now be almost impossible as China is no longer a country but just an inferior clone of the old USSR, whose breaking up benefitted most Russians at least. Unfortunately the USA may now be so submerged in selfishness and greed that it will not even effectively defend its own tattered "democracy".

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