Thursday, April 07, 2011

Activists ready tents for Trafalgar Square occupation

Demonstrators are to descend again on Trafalgar Square this weekend - but organisers said today they planned to make a point about peaceful protest as well as the government's cuts.

Occupy Trafalgar Square For The Alternative said it planned to repeat the success of last weekend's occupation, which saw up to 150 people camp out on the concrete.

They said they are hoping to create a common space in the square "in opposition to the increasing privatisation of the public sphere."

It was also about defending the right to protest after the arrest of 138 people at UK Uncut's occupation of Fortnum & Mason last month, they added.

The event is set to start at 6.30pm and will feature workshops, debate, music and art and parents and children were welcome to attend. Details HERE .

IMO: Whilst I do not necessarily support this or any other demo, it does look as if Mr. Cameron should be nudged somewhat further. It seemed to work with Thatcher, and whilst Cameron is in different circumstances further action may make him shift his stance and this is sorely needed.

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