Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vince Cable says the government is unmoved by the London demo.

"No government would change its fundamental economic policies simply in response to a demonstration of that kind," Cable said.

IMO: Hmm, looks like the Big Society will have to come up with something more realistic than a demo to affect the Westminster pigs. Certainly a larger demo did not work for the (expensive) Iraq invasion and now a lot of jobs go. The Libyan invasion, which had the purpose for France of emphasising the worth of its materiel, had the opposite effect for the UK, as it simply seems to make the Condemn party look even bigger fools than they were. I most certainly won't say that I agree with Lewis Page on this, but some of his points do seem to have merit. But what can people do about the cuts ? Labor's usual responses of protest and strike have not worked so far. But I say again, who will accept cuts from a crooked Government, particularly when they so deeply concern health and social welfare ? Perhaps there are civilised responses to this impasse, but they certainly have not been obvious so far. AV might help, but that's a small step and the brainwashed public probably won't accept even that.

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