Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The UK Government deficit reductions – nonexistent.

John Redwood's figures on Cameron's deficit reduction seem to indicate that the Condemn promise to reduce their bosses' (the so-called 'civil servants') numbers by 30% has in fact only resulted in a 2% reduction of staff numbers.

Deficit reduction – if any – would seem to be arising from the planned destruction of the NHS, and it is caused by Condemn Party pandering to the highly inefficient private health companies who gave them an enormous cash donation to that end. The poor old general public seem to be finding that the existing health service has 'never been better' according to surveys by the Kings Fund and like entities.

There is no real chance that the Condemn party in real terms will make any deficit reduction whatsoever, especially as they are spending three billion dollars a day firing rockets at General Gadaffi, not exactly what the voters or indeed the Arabs told them to do.

IMO: Nobody without personal vested interests would seem wise to vote Tory now, or in the near future. Such a pity, and “Searchlight” seems to feel that the BNP are not taking enough measures to level the playing field. Right now the only hope looks like AV, and that seems at least better than nothing and could be improved on later if ever adopted.

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