Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trafalgar square rally

According to the often fairly accurate "New Statesman"

"Neither mindless nor violent, young protesters were forced into a stand-off with police."

"half a million students, trades unionists, parents, children and concerned citizens from all over Britain demonstrate against the government's austerity programme."

"The police claim "the clashes in Trafalgar square began because "for some reason one of [the protestors] made an attack on the Olympic clock." That is not what happened. Instead, I witness the attempted snatch arrest of a 23 year-old man who they suspect of damaging the shop front of a major chain bank earlier in the day."

And so on...

IMO: That's nothing compared to dear old Australia... "Mow 'em down, driver" was a typical actual call by a uniformed police officer to a car waiting for peaceful protestors, some years ago in Sydney. And it had been fully expected that the private car would be obliged to run over the protestors. Probably not so bad out there nowadays, but often enough police anywhere in English speaking countries have no idea how to behave. Certainly cuts should be made. It was quite irresponsible of the last (Labor) government to appoint non-banking experts to run banks. e.g. Nick Hornby and the chap supposed to be running RBOS. And the current Condemn moat-and-duckpond government seems to be getting things even worse. What can be done ? I have suggested one or two things in the present blog, and there are doubtless many more.

IMO: UTAP big demos work sometimes. The big poll tax riots probably got rid of the evil old harridan Margaret Thatcher, who with the help of her friends in BP was a major cause for the destruction of the British economy. Who should be Prime Minister ? - well Milliband's mother probably would not take the job, but in an perhaps unwary moment she seems to have said whe would not vote for either of her sons. That shows some good judgement.

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