Sunday, March 27, 2011

Madgaon cleanliness

Some years ago, the British writer Patrick French visited the Sabarmati ashram on the outskirts of Ahmedabad in the Indian state of Gujarat, the site from which Mahatma Gandhi led his salt march to the sea in 1930. French was so appalled by the noisome state of the latrines that he asked the ashram secretary whose job it was to clean them. A sweeper woman stopped by for an hour a day, the functionary explained, but afterward things inevitably became filthy again.

But wasn’t it a central tenet of the Mahatma’s teachings that his followers clean up after themselves? “We all clean the toilets together, on Gandhiji’s birthday,” the secretary answered, “as a symbol to show that we understand his message.”...

IMO: Locally in Chandor, some effort has been made and in fact there is even genuine annoyance at the garbage situation. It really does seem that most people have forgotten Mahatma Gandhi, in practice if not in theory, around Madgaon. But with many people being Roman Catholic in theory at least, did they ever know Gandhi here in any real sense ? It is all such a pity. Maybe the Roman Catholics should be asked to go back to one of the ´ṔIGS´ countries in Europe and to leave Goa to the real Indians. If things head the way they seem to going in London with riot and revolt, India will be a better place to be than Europe, soon enough. And the bankers Goldman Sachs seem to indicate that this will be so in a few years.

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