Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The Pioneer reasonably says "India has rightly acted in its national interest at a time when US cables released by WikiLeaks indicate that New Delhi has become virtually a pawn of Washington, DC. Having abstained from voting on UNSCR 1973, regretted the air assault on Libya, and asked for the attacks to stop, there is little else India can do".

IMO: Clearly India is no Glenn Beck. But Gadaffi actually spent a lot of oil money on other African countries, some would say in his own interests.

Obama said the US could not stand aside and watch pro-Gaddafi's forces attack Benghazi, a city with a population of some 700,000 people, knowing that it would result in a "massacre".

IMO: Obama may well be correct. But Indians have no cause to fight for America. Why should Indians be cannon-fodder for the latest US whim ? World War 2 was half way fought before America entered and then, many people say it was only for local economic reasons. At the time of Vietnam, Australians were told that it was their 'duty' to fight Spellman's war for him. And that did not turn out so well, some of my friends are now inscriptions on war memorials for no good reason.

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