Friday, March 25, 2011

Lawbreaking MPs

Greg Hands, Conservative MP for Chelsea and Fulham, said Labour and the TUC had a duty to ensure the march was not "a focus for disorder and law-breaking".

IMO: UTAP Labour and the TUC certainly do have that duty. And cuts must be made and these should start right at the top. But in fairness the TUC has said "It is very disappointing to see a right-wing think tank (ed: and its often criminal and wasteful supporters) - one of the few cheerleaders for spending cuts left - circulating what looks like little more than black propaganda aimed to deter marchers from attending." And surely most of the law breaking has been done already at the top  by crooked MPs, pigs squealing in their Westminster trough. At some point, laws made by bent MPs will be treated with the contempt they deserve. This is bad, a sign of the degeneration of UK society caused by years of bad administration from the top and this is not improving, hence some of the anger. Who is keen to accept pay cuts when the boss is a swindler ? Kettling at demonstrations should be made totally illegal and police who practice kettling should be jailed.

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