Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Australian diplomats saw attacks on students as racially driven

More Wikileaks cable revelations.

“perpetrators of many of these crimes are not white Australians, but other first- or second-generation immigrants from these ‘tougher’ countries,” the cable signed by US Melbourne consul general Michael Thurston said.

It seems that lack of affordable housing pushed Indian students to farther-flung suburbs with high concentrations of immigrants from Somalia and Vietnam.

IMO: So maybe the problem is at least partly between former Somalis, Vietnamese etc and Indians.If general social services in Australia have not improved a lot, this is hardly surprising. From the point of view of any would be student, Australia may be only slightly worse than most places - I think that as a student in Sydney, Australia, being very obviously Australian, I made just one actual student friend in the academic community, but he was too smart for the local academic log rollers and he was kicked out. Go figure. But academics everywhere in the world appear to many people to be a bunch of crocodiles looking for easy meat such as an innocent swimmer - metaphorically hopefully. Australia is only worse for its provincialism, perhaps. Physical violence is probably rare and relatively unlikely. Some have said that an Indian student is safer in Melbourne than in India - but anyway both places are inside the bounds of reason. Apparently dark skinned footballers get insulted in Russia by blatant obscene gestures with bananas, or so the Press tell people for an easy headline.

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