Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Tory MP faces fraud charges

EU judges on Thursday ruled that the European Parliament was right to act over Tory MEP Dan Dover's "significant and serious misuse" of expenses.

The former North West Conservative MEP now faces an investigation by Olaf, the EU's anti-fraud agency and calls for him to be arrested by British police. 
EU Court of Justice papers show that £101,068 of the cash meant for paying wages was spent on three cars, a clear breach of rules.

Another £100,735 was used on renovation to Mr Dover's house and rent was paid to lease his own family's property, including office space in his Borehamwood home which is over 100 miles from his former constituency in North West England.

Other sums, totalling another £143,486 were wrongly spent on printing, postage, telephoning, entertaining and a small £200 donation to the Tories. "Sums had been unduly paid, at the very least," found the official investigation.

The parliament also identified £167,903 in unpaid VAT, a sum that EU judges decided must be recovered by the British tax authorities from the family firm, rather than from Mr Dover personally.

IMO: Obviously all the UK MPs, not just Tory or Labour, should now have to answer to the UK public. The EU for many years has clearly been extremely corrupt. It is not just the current carbon market frauds, we can look back many years to even earlier than the 'sugar mountain' and the 'wine lake'. But the British, for many years regarded as 'honest fools' are by now as incriminated as the current behaviour of the moat-and-duckpond crowd might lead one to expect. All these MPs should be jailed just like Tory MP Jeffrey Archer was, but at present there is little real chance. Hopefully Dover at least will be jailed.

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