Saturday, February 12, 2011

UK Protection of Freedoms Bill

The bit about listening to the people seems to have been followed only where the people came up with proposals the government liked. So much for the "Big Society".

Also for fags (not for public school fags, who presumably may be still "roasted" as per 'Tom Brown's Schooldays') : Convictions for homosexual acts that are no longer punishable are to be removed from the records is not what it seems. "Delete" here means mark existing records as "to be disregarded" – not the same thing at all.

IMO: So perhaps remnants of Jeremy Thorpe's behaviour with dogs may remain on record, for example.

The "Register" says "There is a clear contrast between Nick Clegg’s apparent reliance on the consultation process as a means to test public opinion – and a natural political desire to pursue his own agenda regardless".

Alexandra Dymock of sexual civil liberties organisation Backlash told "The Register": "This law is a waste of valuable legal aid and police resources. It should be repealed. We will continue to lobby for repeal during the passage of this Bill."

IMO: AFICS that sums up the Bill.

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