Sunday, February 06, 2011

UK Guardian's reaction to Cameron's recent speech

The view of the Guardian's reporter "It is political posturing at its most pointless. The language is macho and energetic with phrases like "muscular liberalism" – this is the politics of body building: largely cosmetic but with an implicit capability to bully. It has almost no impact on policy – apart from snubbing a few community leaders – and the hard graft of maintaining good community relations, raising educational standards or improving health in poor communities grinds on, reaching out to the organisations in ethnic communities who can help achieve these goals".

And much more besides.

IMO: I fear the bit I have quoted may be true. But nonetheless Cameron is trying to cut costs and the rather mindless views that he claims to wants to stop being subsidised by reluctant taxpayers seems like a useful place to start. In fact will he do so ? The attitudes of the present Govt to date seem to be the epitome of self-centred folly. A number of their acts seem to be either illegal, or counter to EC rules, or they should be. One example is the imposition of Council Tax on Charities in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. We note that the so-called 'charities' which MPs use to promote themselves are often considered 'by the MPs' as  tax free, but local taxing of actual charities, exempt under the Charities Act, is a strange and nonBritish thing to do. Maybe as well as complaining about the Moslem tub-thumping wouldbe dictators Cameron should take a clear view of his own party's activities. Before the election he said he would stop MP fraudsters from bilking the public but he certainly has not done so.

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