Monday, February 21, 2011

UK biz prejudiced against public sector staff ?

The Coalition government's hope that the private sector will soak up staff laid off from the public sector took a blow today from a survey showing more than half of UK businesses would not employ people from the public sector.

Typical comment: "Anyone who has tried to get anything done via the council is generally met with jobsworths and people who have no idea what they are doing. I wouldn't employ ex-council staff and I doubt most people would..."

IMO: Sounds like Cameron's "Big Society". There have not actually been any public spending cuts yet and much of the reason seems to be with the "civil servants", rather more than the politicians. To members of the general public, it looks like "Yes, Minister" on stilts. During the seven months that followed the general election, spending was £23.3 billion higher than during the equivalent period twelve months previously, an increase of seven per cent.

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