Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obama seems to be killing his own voters

Maybe this is just bad information, but in some respects Obama now sounds worse than Clegg.

Example: "The Obama administration plans to cut billions of dollars from the LIHEAP program that subsidizes energy costs for the needy... Once again, the Obama administration deliberately attacks a group that supported him: poor, elderly Northeasterners. Admittedly, it's no different than every other effort by Obama to f*ck over his own base, but still, I don't get it".

IMO: Maybe all the politicians are getting like Latin America has been for years in some areas. "Vote for or support me, as anyone else will be worse". (After all, Trump or Palin might be President). In this context, soon we may need to worry about Egypt, their 'democracy' should not just mean the only voice will be that of a radical Muslim majority.

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