Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Murdoch's new web daily publishes material it does not own

Promotors of Rupert Murdoch's "The Daily" say : "We built components to bring Twitter feeds directly into the application."

IMO: So as I understand it, Murdoch is now charging for material he has simply copied and does not own. The Americans have yet to face Murdoch in full flow. Australians learnt early and the Brits now know too. All this looks really bad for the internet.

As far the amount taken from firms, of Australian billionaire publishers, Murdoch takes $US22.72 million salary, Murdoch's son takes another $US10-17 million etc etc, whereas J.B. Fairfax takes $152,000 and James Packer does not seem to bother to take any. For comparison the genuinely wealthy Warren Buffett takes $100,000 a year.  Maybe I'm not doing the sums as I should, but I can't see how the Murdochs can waste so much money on personal expenditure.

According to Guido Fawkes, Clegg wants to allow politicans to remain in office if they have long term insanity. If Murdoch is allowed to get Sky, we do not need to look far to see who Clegg intends to cover for.

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