Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manic Street Preachers say "Libraries ... are our lifeline... we must fight for them"

Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers says "The establishment is back in control of Britain. After 30 years of semi-pluralistic governance, the establishment is pushing hard its own agenda. When you look at the cabinet, the millionaire's row in the front benches of Parliament looks like a very public-school coup. One of the most amazing things about public libraries remains their utter classlessness. You don't have to have gone to Eton to make the most out of a library. They aren't inhabited by the kind of people currently damning them. The closure of libraries in conjunction with tuition fees, the sell-off of our forests and radical reorganisation of the NHS are symbolic of the blatant power grab of this fiasco of a government. There is a way of solving these problems – it's called higher taxation of the wealthiest 10% of the country. In the 90s, I'd have gladly included myself in that bracket. We need to cherish these things while they still exist. Seek solace, seek knowledge. Seek power".

IMO: In the academic world, things are already much worse. And presumably Philistine coke-sniffers like little George Osborne will make them worse still. After all, he and his corrupt pals have to have plenty of money to waste on alcohol and cocaine. Not much hope for civilisation unless substantial improvements are made. Maybe all this can be done in the Big Society, but I for one, doubt it. It is only the big countries like China and India which offer real progress and hope, but improvement of UK conditions can occur, even at this late stage. A pity that the LibDem party has not yet succeeded in making a difference. Unfortunately Vince Cable still seems the best hope, but things are fragile. Maybe the students can still do more.

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