Thursday, February 24, 2011

Madgaon garbage

Beginning March 1, the Margao Municipal Council (MMC) will finally begin hotel garbage collection in the city. The MMC will begin the exercise of collecting hotel waste from the units located within its jurisdiction for a month on a trial basis before regularizing the service.

IMO: AT LAST.  About time something was done about the garbage in Madgaon. How can a city in a beach centre even survive WITHOUT A PROPER GARBAGE SERVICE.

A Goa athlete pulled a 520 ton cruise ship with his teeth, in an attempt to set a world record. In future, he will try more attempts like this, such as stopping a helicopter with his teeth from the Goa shore.

IMO: A pity he doesn't do something really tough, like pulling away the garbage on the Raia pile. You have to hold your nose every time you pass, and it is getting worse, even with the new trommels. Its almost worse than the smell from the pan filth in the central toilets. 

(Someone just said: If he wants a place in the world records, he should do something like solving the Goa garbage problem.)

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