Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gay marriage - Lord Tebbit speaks

The former Tory party chairman Lord Tebbit said: "We should be utterly, completely and absolutely clear that a civil partnership is not a marriage, cannot be a marriage, never will be a marriage and should be treated entirely separately from marriage.  "Marriage is celebrated within a church. If we make it a permissive option, sooner or later, the legal proceedings will start to enforce it upon churches against the will of many ministers in those churches."

The human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said: "It's outrageous that the government is delaying the implementation of a law that was passed almost a year ago. Parliament voted to allow civil partnerships in places of worship."

IMO: In short Mr. Cameron is seemingly trying to help a Labor bill through. His motives ? My personal view is that Lord Tebbit is right on the last section of his statement at the very least and Cameron has passed a poisoned chalice to Mr. Clegg. Clegg will have to be a bit brighter if he wants to keep the Libdems alive, never mind the coalition. Cameron's idea of  Big Society seems to be to set the gay lobby against the religious lobby, if indeed either exists. His aim seems to be "tax them all" and hand the funds to the bankers. Most gays do not want to break up their own religion, which may or may not support "gay marriage". But quite a few do, enough to make trouble. Which comes first, God or mammon ? And whilst there could be quite a complicated scientific case against the first part of Mr. Tebbit's statement, see here and here for two angles, it certainly has not been proved and quite likely never will. The present common sensible belief is that Tebbit is absolutely right. Mr. Tatchell is acting on bad premises, whilst he may wish to support his friends and in that sense is quite reasonable and fair to do so. But science does not support him.

IMO: Why not have marriages at Banks, that would be a fair compromise ? For example a lady (I won't suggest S***y B****w) could marry a dog at Barclay's Bank, and be given the blessing by Bob Diamond.

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