Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dunkirk spirit - not for Cameron

The Greeks, Chinese, etc. seem to be coping with Libya - but the Condemns ?

Nick Clegg said he "forgot" he was supposed to be running the country in David Cameron's absence. Mr Cameron told William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, and Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, that their handling of the crisis was not good enough. Cameron himself seems to have been visiting mosques while the evacuation was going on.

IMO: The UK needs an effective Government. No reason why a coalition should not work, but the Condemns don't look like they could run a two-seater shithouse. What will happen to the £20 billion of Libyan assets Gadaffi seems to have stolen ? Doubtless Cameron and Clegg will be too busy trying to "fill their boots" to worry about the British still left in Libya. The UK Government even messed up the Iceland volcano crisis (we escaped back to India) and doubtless the present bunch of w*nkers are too busy mulcting the funds to care about their voters. Shame on them !

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