Thursday, February 10, 2011

Discovery : WikiLeaks Leaks!

According to Wired. Daniel Domscheit-Berg writes that he and a top WikiLeaks programmer seized the submission system when they defected from the organization last September, along with documents in the system at the time. They disabled the WikiLeaks wiki and changed the passwords to the Twitter and e-mail accounts. In response, Assange shut down the whole system, causing the mutineers to cave in. But within weeks, Domscheit-Berg and one of the programmers had left WikiLeaks for good and taken the submission system with them.

IMO: Hm. inevitably a whistleblower of any kind is likely to leave an often unintentional series of false trails, leaks, etc. and to leave many grounds for conspiracy theories, usually false. One wonders whether the cash-nexus was the primary motive for all these people. This must not overshadow the fact that many of the leaks, if not almost all, have been real and of some importance. Lets hear more from any of these people, no real harm done yet and the authorities have been given reason to think further before they continue to perpetrate their evil and selfcentred malfeasances.

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