Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bubble-nest Frog, Other "Extinct" Species Found

Last seen in 1937, the elegant tropical frog species (pictured here near a forest stream) has been rediscovered along India’s western coast, conservationists announced Thursday.

The discovery was bittersweet, however, as only four of the hundred "lost" amphibians specifically sought during the August-through-December search for extinct species have been found.

IMO: Here in Chandor, Goa, West India there are a lot of very nice, quite friendly frogs. They seem to want to make friends with people. Just yesterday a large frog looked at me and then  jumped towards me and sat next to me. These frogs seem to be able to cling to walls at least as well as wall lizards, and presumably may also use nanotechnology to do so. Some frogs look at people and wink their eyes, some are brightly colored, often metallic gold, and can be very beautiful to see. They look a bit like the frog in the photo referred to above, but I hope nobody bothers them as they are nicely behaved house frogs. Some of the very beautiful ones look quite unusual. Some of them like water sprinkled on them and they think actual rain has started.

[ A lizard's remarkable abilities comes from an unlikely source - tiny (microscopically tiny, in fact) elastic hairs (from 3 to 130 nanometers in length) which split at the ends into even tinier "hooks." Because these hairs are so small, they behave in a manner not dissimilar to Velcro, but on a microscopic level, which allows them to stick to even the smoothest, slickest of surfaces. ]

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