Wednesday, February 16, 2011

British bill of rights review

A coalition commission into the possibility of setting up a British bill of rights will be established shortly, David Cameron has announced.

The coalition agreement set out plans for the review into a British bill of rights, and there has been growing pressure from Tory backbenchers to press ahead with the commission in the wake of Conservative anger over the impact of human rights rulings.

IMO: I think the problem is partly that many of the people representing EU countries neither understand English well, nor do they have any respect for UK traditions. Indeed I suspect many of them do not even obey the EU law themselves, plenty of proofs of that.

Cameron claimed he is"appalled" by many Court rulings, These presumably may include Holman's recent ruling on the unlawful behaviour of the Condemn party.

IMO: But parliamentarians have to obey the law, why not ? However a bunch of semiliterate foreigners tinkering with British human rights is another matter, and I have to be in agreement with Cameron there. Why back the EU 'lawmakers' in the first place, NOBODY voted for that, ever. We didn't have a vote and even the Condemns still haven't fulfilled Tory pledges on that. We do not want UK kids 'educated' by a bunch of pedophile catholic priests, for example, or by Berlusconi's pals either. I hope Cameron can do something to retain only sensible and useful ties with Europe.

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