Friday, February 18, 2011

The Big Society

A serving Conservative councillor has been exposed as having a double life as a member of one of Europe’s most notorious biker gangs. Councillor Jim Mason is a cabinet member on Tewkesbury Council and a former mayor. He is also a full patch member of the Outlaws, which is classed as an organised crime group by police forces all over the world. Members of the Outlaws have been convicted of a number of high profile offences; they gunned down a Hells Angel on the M40, they were part of a mass brawl at Birmingham Airport, and the group’s main leaders – including the European and UK president, Dink – are currently in prison for drugs offences. Sky News has also discovered a picture of Mr Mason in his biker colours where he seems to have a Nazi SS badge on his jacket, underneath is a well-known Outlaws patch, reading “God forgives, Outlaws don’t”.

Tewkesbury Council's chief executive Mike Dawson said: "In my experience, councillor Mason undertakes his role as a councillor in a manner that is compatible to the principles governing councillors' conduct."

IMO: Sounds like a typical Tory, then. No wonder Cameron is "appalled" by court rulings as to Tory illegal activities, as over the recent Holman matter. Who may be exposed next?

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