Friday, February 11, 2011

The Big Society and Revolution

Cameron's Big Society :
"Build a man a fire, and you warm him for a night.
Set him on fire, and you warm him for life".

Now Mubarak has stepped down, people say: “Soon, we will bring someone good.”

IMO:Will they ? We have not had much luck in the UK recently. The obvious problem is the United States. The US has been a threat (and otherwise) to democracy since Harold Wilson's day, in the UK. Too many inappropriate US methods have been used in the UK, and they only work after a fashion even in the US. Mubarak's dictatorship was simpler and clean in its unwelcome way, even though largely US supported. Obviously Islamic militancy is a further problem, and for example the fact that right now, Islamic Turkey still dreams of occupying Egypt again. It is brother on brother, and my old Imam would have disapproved. I believe democracy and not theocracy may be best for Egypt, dreams of a true Caliphate are simply dreams and no more at this time.

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