Monday, February 07, 2011

Assange's lawsuit

Assange and his supporters have claimed the Swedish inquiry is a smear or a conspiracy to shut down WikiLeaks. Assange's lawyers have asserted in the past that the Swedish women who made allegations against him may be out for revenge and sought to cash in on their stories.

Defence counsel called the first witness, former Swedish appeals court judge turned academic Brita Sundberg-Weitman. She said many things including the obvious fact that the sexual assault case launched against Julian Assange has been "extremely peculiar" and the Australian has been unfairly labelled a rapist around the world.

IMO: I am not an expert on Swedish law but it looks as if there is no sensible case against Assange, on the facts presented in the UK media. Ironic that Sweden is best known in the world for its production of pornography. I am not sure in which Scandanavian country it was, but in one of them, a member of their Royal family said she preferred to have sex with pigs than with men , and exhibited this in public with photographs. Perhaps Sweden will now become best known for its corrupt justice system. I would have thought that, whatever the verdict, world perception of corruption levels in Sweden will suggest that it more corrupt than they do now, and that it has become even more of a tool of US imperialism.

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