Sunday, February 20, 2011


Julian Assange helped spark the ouster of one dictator in Tunisia, followed closely by another in Egypt. It was a diplomatic cable exposed by WikiLeaks describing the corruption of Tunisia's regime that triggered protests. From Tunisia, the protests spread to Egypt. But without the specialized service WikiLeaks provides to whistle-blowers, the world would not have seen the U.S. diplomatic cables.

The Sacramento Bee goes on to point out that Wikileaks did more to improve the world than $1.1 trillion from the US did in a decade.

IMO: I suspect that the US could have done much more than they did with the $1.1 trillion. They might as well have simply improved their own health services etc, perhaps along the lines that Obama has been trying to do, an effort which has been resisted by the wealthy, probably wrongly.

The Sacramento Bee adds "we have yet to see smoking gun documents about our banking sector from WikiLeaks. Based on other materials, I think the corruption and malfeasance of our financial sector will prove Bernie Madoff a penny-ante hustler by comparison."

IMO: But, has he got the info ? I doubt it. But the Swedes will show no mercy. Everyone in India has heard about the Bofors gun matter, probably regarded by the Swedes as OK but by anyone with morals as probably extremely vile Swedish criminal corruption, right from the top. And, now, some believe that the US is still trying to subvert the Swedish Govt even more, to make the Swedes pay for fraudulent US activities. So, having Assange executed will not help Swedish people. quite the opposite. And the Bofors case is still being investigated by the CBI, not that India dislikes Swedes, they just do not want to be corruptly swindled. Where Sonia Gandhi comes into this, I do not know. She may be a friend of Didi which would be a good sign, and the BJP SEZ policies do not seem to be wanted by many people, other than by those who will make immediate profits. Also there is Hinduism, and in many ways I rather like Hindutva but some do not.

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