Friday, February 11, 2011

Assange, a sad case

The now well-known Daniel Domscheit-Berg  writes that Mr Assange's personal habits suggest he was raised by wolves and that Mr Assange used to attack his cat.

IMO: Sounds rather like Paul Staines' comments on Gordon.

According to "Times of India", Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt criticised Assange saying he has '' become public enemy number one in Sweden'' .

IMO: A fair trial would have been nice before such comments.

Meanwhile in Australia, Chistine Assange says of Rudd "If you are unable or unwilling to protect my son, I demand your immediate resignation."

IMO: Mr. Rudd is clearly too old and fat to go 'surfing' and be 'rescued' by a Chinese submarine, then taken to the mysterious Orient like Harold Holt allegedly was. So he will have to stay put and tell lies. I hope Mr. Assange was not too 'patriotic' to obtain some good WikiLeaks on Mr. Rudd and his 'Chinese connection', there should be A LOT OF GREAT LEAKS. A pity poor Julian will snuff it.

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