Sunday, February 13, 2011

Assange hits out at Australia

Julian Assange has accused the Gillard government of being "co-opted" by the US, saying it is continuing to provide the US with information behind the scenes while publicly claiming to have dropped all investigations against him.

IMO: Australia used to follow the UK like a lost puppy. Then it tried to follow Japan, which did not quite work. For years it has been selling natural resources to China at a pretty low price. Can it jump ship and join the US like it did over Vietnam ? The people who run Australia do not seem to act well for its inhabitants or citizens. I think they may make a mess of bull-bar regulation as well, as they have done over traffic lights for example. Not so macho to make it impossible for old ladies to cross a busy road. Also not macho not to defend its own citizens against alleged Swedish Government corruption but maybe to also act in collusion with the US. We'll see how this Kath 'n Kim government manages.

IMO: Watch out for Anonymous even if you do not agree with them. See:  How one man claimed to track down Anonymous—and paid a heavy price.  Upshot : his boss says "We are kind of pissed at him right now" which seems to suggest Anonymous came close to having him sacked.

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