Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Assange again

Testifying in Belmarsh Magistrates' Court in east London, defense witness Björn Hurtig said he was permitted to review hundreds of messages under police supervision, but was not allowed to copy them. Hurtig, Assange's Sweden-based attorney, said he read messages that spoke of "revenge" and taking “economic advantage" of his client, according to IDG News and other outlets.

IMO: On the face of it, very strange that the right to present a fair case for defense evidence in such a matter, (relatively) trivial yet with very serious concomitants, should be refused in a UK court.

Someone else said : '"Prosecutors there have said they want (Assange) available for questioning" That not a reason for an extradition. It falls far, far short of even the most basic of human rights values'.

IMO: The whole matter is unfortunately placing a very bad face on both UK and Swedish justice, possibly correctly. Such a pity, but we have had this problem with US interference for many years. I have personally suffered from US injustices though not over a criminal matter of this nature so I am somewhat familiar with problems involving the US and that was when I was using possibly the best lawyer in the UK for the matter at the time. I strongly blame the US and Swedish authorities for not putting these matters right, but total crap people like Tony Blair have contrived to make them worse. Surely neither Sweden nor the UK are now such unimportant countries as to allow their judiciary to be trampled on by a bunch of frightened American hick politicians. That's the appearance, the 'spin' if you like.

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