Thursday, February 24, 2011

Al Jazeera

The important blog, "Crooked Timber" says
"Anyone who does want to follow developments in the Arab world has one best option to do so: Al Jazeera . Vilified by the US under Bush (and its reporters almost certainly murdered by the US military on several occasions), Al Jazeera has been both the conduit of information and the catalyst for change and democratization. The Emir of Qatar may be a despot, but for Al Jazeera alone he could be winning a Frederick the Great prize as the most enlightened one of recent decades. The democracies of the West, by contrast, have contributed nothing. If the Arab peoples do succeed in freeing themselves, they will have done so themselves and despite the actions and attitudes of the West and the United States with its policies of Israel-first and make-deals-for-oil".

IMO: Probably what some people don't realise is that Al Jazeera is the UK BBC. Obviously, they had to split off, somewhat like the ludicrous Assange split from the greedy Guardian - but hopefully the situation on either side is much more sensible. Anyway, I often read or watch Al Jazeera, and in its way it is as good as the best NY papers.

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