Monday, January 31, 2011

WikiLeaks - new promises

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Sunday detailed a plan to release a deluge of secret documents should the whistleblower website be permanently shut down. In an exclusive interview with CBS News's "60 Minutes," Assange said his group had a "system whereby we distribute encrypted backups of things we have yet to publish." "There are backups distributed amongst many, many people, 100,000 people, and all we need to do is give them an encrypted key and they will be able to continue on," he said.

Assange claimed in an interview with Forbes magazine in late November that a "megaleak" by the website would target a major US bank early this year. He has previously said that he has a treasure trove of documents on Bank of America, the largest US bank, whose shares tumbled more than three percent on November 30 shortly after the Forbes interview was released.

IMO: Wikileaks is not being much heard of lately. Assange will have to produce some more evidence of the terrible amount of fraud that has clearly happened so as not to be ignored completely. Lets hope there is enough information to send Rupert to jail, or something equally interesting.  After all Rupert went to Oxford as a wealthy student, just like Tony Blair, Cameron and Manmohan Singh. I do not know if A. Raja went to Oxford, I doubt it or he would not be in the mess he is now as he would be in a clear clique.

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