Monday, January 17, 2011

Wikileaks have rich people's secret bank accounts

Details of 2,000 accounts, including details of high net worth individuals not only across Europe, but from the US and Asia too, have been otained by Wikleaks. Mr Assange said that there would be “full revelation” once the data were examined, and could be published within a couple of weeks.

IMO: I imagine the UK rich people will still find a way to cover up. In Australia a former Govt minister was recently given 12 years in prison for not such a big offence and far from letting him off like the Brits do, he is likely to get longer still. Same in India with Rao etc. Even so it would be interesting to know more details on people like Cameron and Clegg - doubtless worse swindlers than even Cameron's old Oxford buddy Tony Blair.

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